[COMPLETED] Instantit.asia - CDN Notification Mail

Dear Client,

A patch has been pushed to production to fix this problem.


We have found the issue on why the CNAME invalidation email sent. A patch will be deployed latest by tonight.


Dear Customers,

All instantit.asia CDN (Content Delivery Network) service user is expecting a CDN service notification mail. Please rest assure that our CDN service is running fine. It is a CDN portal system error. Instantit.asia support team is looking out on this. This notification mail can be disregarded. Our CDN service and CDN servers are just fine as usual.

Below is the sample notification mail that will be received,


Hello User (client@domain.com)

cdn.site.com is no longer CNAME properly to [afxcdn.net, cdn.myinstantcdn.com] and it affects the operation of CDN. Please rectify it immediately to continue to use our service. 

Should you have any difficulties, please contact portal+noreply@myinstantcdn.com .

Once completed you can discard this e-mail message.

Thank you for using myInstantCDN Portal.

This is a post-only mailing.  Replies to this message are not monitored or answered.



Please do not hesitate to contact us via helpdesk at http://support.instantIT.Asia/ if you have any questions with this maintenance window.

Best Regards,

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