[COMPLETE] Immediate Maintenance for Windrunner due hardware replacement

Date: 11th Oct 2010
Time: 11.40PM GMT +8

Maintenance Update:
The affected hard disk has been replaced and currently the raid is now rebuilding in background mode. In the meantime, all the services has resumed back to normal. Do update us if there is any issue encountered after this short maintenance. 


Date : 11th Oct 2010
Time : 11.00 PM GMT +8
ETA : 30 - 45 minutes

 Maintenance Details :
One of the windrunner RAID hard disk was found having several bad sectors where we will schedule immediate replacement for the affected drive to prevent serious drive failure. Windrunner require to be shutdown for conducting such maintenance. 

Effect of Maintenance :
During the maintenance time frame, website and FTP services will be un-available whereas the rest services will remain intact. 

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