[SOLVED] Degradation server performance - Damascus []

Date: 5th Aug 2011
Time: 3PM GMT+8

Maintenance update:
After we swapped over the raid devices from current server to new server, the raid problem has been fixed and raid unit is now in safe stage and no more performance degradation. Unfortunately there will be final maintenance being scheduled tonight to replace temporary raid connectors. Further update on mentioned maintenance can be found here:


Date: 4th Aug 2011
TimeL 3.30PM GMT+8

Problems update:
The raid rebuilding progress has been completed unfortunately one of the raid disks were found failed to be functioning again. We require to perform an immediate maintenance tonight to replace the affected hard disk to allow the raid unit running on its optimimum performance.

News has been blasted for this particular maitenance:

Date: 4th Aug 2011
Time: 1PM GMT+8
ETA: n/a

Details of problems:
One of the raid disk were found degraded and its currently under recovery phases after rebuilding the raid unit remotely.

Effects of above problems:
During this rebuilding status, there will be some degradation of the server performance where all the services still resuming as normal. We shall update the status of rebuilding here soon.

Actions taken:
- Rebuild the raid unit remotely via raid web based management.
- Monitoring the server closely on both application end and hardware end.

If you face any problem that related to this server, do report to us via our helpdesk portal. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Support team
Technical department