[COMPLETE] Scheduled Server Maintenance - VPSLIN03 (

Date : 11th October 2011
Time : 1.50 PM GMT +0800

Maintenance Updates:
The degraded disk has been replaced and right now raid in rebuilding state. In the meantime, all services is up and resume normally.
Do inform us shall there is any problem encountered after this short maintenance.


Date : 10th October 2011
Time : 11 PM GMT +0800
ETA : 30-45 Minutes

Maintenance Details:
One of the raid disk found degraded and we will conduct hdd replacement to ensure raid unit is running at optimum level.

Effect of Maintenance :
During the maintenance period, VPS that host on VPSLIN03 under IP range 110.4.47.x and 117.53.155.x will be inaccessible. 

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department