[COMPLETED] Scheduled server maintenance - Damascus (

Date: 21 Sept 2012
Time: 10PM GMT+8

Maintenance update:
Although the raid unit rebuild process has been completed, we have found other raid member disk with SMART FAILURE, which might lead to unexpected issue in future. We will conduct the drive replacement here: https://support.exabytes.com.my/News/2239/scheduled-server-maintenance-damascus-110445162.aspx


Date: 18 Sept 2012
Time: 11PM GMT+8

Maintenance update:
The degraded disk has been successfully replaced and all services has resumed back to normal. In the meantime, the RAID unit is now in the beginning of rebuilding in background. 

1.50 AM:- Status REBUILDING 9% (active)
3.14 AM:- Status REBUILDING 19% (active)
7.59 AM:- Status REBUILDING 72% (active)
9.48 AM:- Status REBUILDING 82% (active)
11.20 AM:- Status REBUILDING 84% (active)
15.00 PM:- Status REBUILDING 87% (active)
16.45 PM:- Status REBUILDING 88% (active)
11.34 PM:- Status REBUILDING 93% (active)
01.33 AM:- Status REBUILDING 97% (active)


Date: 18 Sept 2012
Time: 10PM GMT+8
ETA: 1hrs

Maintenance details:
One of the raid disk were found degraded and failed to functioning. That particular disk need to be replace as soon as possible. 

Maintenance effect:
During this rebuilding status, all services reside on damascus server eg: web, ftp, email, mysql will not be available. 

Best regards, 

Support team
Technical department