[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Kernel update

Date: 15th March 2014
Time: 1.45 MYT

Maintenance update:
The reboot maintenance was completed except Platinum2 - All services has resumed back normally. 


Date: 15th March 2014 
Time: 1AM MYT
ETA: 10 mins for each server

Affected servers:
zeus -
Hermes -
Acacia -
Angelica –
Bramble –
Damascus -
Delphinium -
Hazel2 -
Ixora –
Platinum2 -
Polystichum -

Maintenance update:
All listed servers above will be rebooted in order to load back last stable kernel to improve server stability and its performance. 

Maintenance effect:
All services from the rebooted servers such as web, emails and database will not be available during the rebooted time. 

Best regards, 

Technical team
Technical Support Department